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Day 2 - September 3rd 2022

Session / Topic Chair / Speaker Video
MICS MV Repair techniques Dr TK Jayakumar Play Video
Combined procedures in the field of MICS: our experience Dr Anil Sharma Play Video
A 7-year experience of MIVS Dr Thiagaraja Murthy S Play Video
PRESERVE mitral valve study Dr Anbarasu Mohanraj Play Video
TEER - Case based discussion Dr Sai Satish Play Video
Troubleshooting in MICS MVR Dr Lalit Malik Play Video
Challenging MICS MVR situations Dr Theo Kofidis Play Video
Minimally invasive Mitral Valve repair with endocardial left atrial cryoablation and closure of the LAA through transverse sinus Dr Nicolas Doll Play Video
Near misses in MICS Dr Prashanta Kumar Chanda Play Video
Chairpersons: Dr Satyajit Bose, Dr Anvay Mulay
Moderators: Dr Lalit Kapoor, Dr Dharmesh Agarwal, Dr V Sridhar, Dr Bijoy Kutty
Minimally invasive non ischemic beating heart Redo valve surgery Dr Ranjit Deshpande Play Video
MVR - Mitris valve Dr Denis Bouchard Play Video
MICS - Mitral Valve repair Dr Frank Van Praet Play Video
Total thoracoscopic left atrial ablation with endoscopic Atriclip application Dr Nicolas Doll Play Video
On pump - beating heart. Triscuspid Valve repair / replacement Dr Ranjit Deshpande Play Video
Open transatrial TMVR for MAC Dr Ajeet Bana Play Video
Initiating MICS at Government Institute: Bangladeshi Experience Dr Asraful Hoque Sium Play Video
Memo 4D Platform: A Noval MV Repair Technique Mr Georges El Daccachea Play Video
Chairpersons: Dr Sudhir Srivastava, Dr Shiv Nair
Moderators: Dr Jayakumar TK, Dr Manish Garg, Dr Bharat Kumar, Dr Denis Bouchard
Innovation and Technology - The bridge between an Engineer and a doctor Dr R Krishna Kumar Play Video
Holography guided MICS Dr Theo Kofidis Play Video
Minimally invasive Cox-maze IV with cryoenergy to treat longstanding persistent AFe Dr Nicolas Doll Play Video
Beyond TCRAT - CABG. Isolated and combined cardiac surgical procedure - LA mini thoracotomy Dr Oleksandr Babliak Play Video
Robotic Mitral valve replacement & multi-vessel coronary disease : Lessons Learned Dr Sathyaki Nambala Play Video
AF treatment with hybrid procedure Dr Nicolas Doll Play Video
Newer Valve (Perceval plus) Dr Marco Solinas Play Video
Uniportal VATS Lobectomye Dr Rajiv Santosham Play Video
Chairpersons: Dr Shaji Palangadan, Dr Janardhana Reddy
Moderators: Dr Ram Prasath, Dr Nikhil Pollo Jaik, Dr Suresh Babu Kale, Dr T Senthil Kumar
Setting up a Robotic cardiac surgery program Dr Yugal Mishra Play Video
Impella - Indications & insertion Dr Anantharaman R Play Video
ASD, VSD, LV Aneurysm repair Dr Oleksandr Babliak Play Video
Lower Ministernotomy and Fast Tracking for Atrial Septal Defect Dr Siva Muthukumar Play Video
Newer Technologies Dr Rajneesh Malhotra Play Video
Endoscopic Vein and Radial harvest - A Single Centre Experience Ms. Ngalaton Raihing Play Video
Session / Topic Chair / Speaker Video
Moderated, Early-Career Poster Presentations Bob Eckel, MD Play Video
Longitudinal phenotypes of type 1 diabetes in youth based on weight and glycemia and their association with complications Anna Kahkoska Play Video
Comparison of Four Risk Prediction Models for Diabetes Remission After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery in Obese Chinese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Kam Hoi Man Play Video
Genome-wide association study reveals genetic overlap between placental weight, birth weight and diabetes. Christopher Flatley Play Video
Precision medicine in type 2 diabetes: Predictors of differential HbA1c response to SGLT2-inhibitors identified in primary care data are replicated in EMPA-REG OUTCOME trial data Katherine Young Play Video
In vitro functional analysis of human HNF1B variants aid variant interpretation and clinical diagnostics Aishwarya Pavithram Play Video
A type 1 diabetes diagnostic model including type 1 diabetes genetic risk score and clinical features aids in classification of adult patients with clinical type 1 diabetes that are islet autoantibody negative Josefine Tecklenborg Play Video
The interplay between polygenic and rare HNF1A variant risk in type 2 diabetes. Lauren Stalbow Play Video
Genetics and Clinical Characteristics of PPARG Variants Induced Diabetes in a Chinese Han Population Siqian Gong Play Video
Prognostic markers of diabetes-associated mortality in clinical notes: a retrospective cohort analysis using machine learning and unstructured big data Kushan De Silva Play Video
Precision diagnostics in diabetes: Unraveling the disease causality of HNF1B coding variants in two large Norwegian diabetes registries Ingvild Losnegard Koløen Play Video